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In the title complex C34H20O6Os2 or (mu-eta^4-C4Ph4}$)Os2(CO)6, one Os atom is part of a metallacyclopentadiene ring, while the second Os atom is pi-bonded to the organic portion of this ring. The distance of 2.7494(2)A between the two Os atoms is typical of an Os---Os single bond. Three carbonyl ligands are attached to each Os atom and these six carbonyls adopt an eclipsed conformation. There are no bridging or semibridging CO groups. Two carbonyl ligands and all four phenyl groups are disordered over two slightly different positions for which each atom in the minor components is displaced less than 1A from the corresponding atom in the major components. The refined occupancies of the major components of the carbonyl ligands are 0.568(16) and 0.625(13), while those for the phenyl rings are 0.50(3), 0.510(12), 0.519(18), and 0.568(12).

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