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Dr. Tanya Smith Brice narrates her story in Churches of Christ, which began in South Carolina and took her around the country. Her grandfather Albert Lemon Smith, the first Black business owner in the Fountain Inn, South Carolina area co-founded the Nicholtown Churches of Christ (now I-85 Church of Christ), independent from White Churches of Christ support. As she pursued bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in social work, she eventually ended up at Abilene Christian University in 2006. While there, numerous congregations and people led her to question traditional Churches of Christ exclusivism and the nature of the racial divisions within Churches of Christ. She relates how she moved over the next decade into a leadership role for the national conversation on race in Churches of Christ.


This interview of Tanya Smith Brice (Alexandria, Virginia) conducted by James Gorman (Knoxville, Tennessee) took place on September 26, 2022.

Length: 1 hour and 4 minutes

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