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"Ochanomizu Church of Christ, Tokyo, Japan, October 19, 1966. Mrs. Rumiko Obata, Church Secretary Akizakazu Obata. Bro. Kurita, whom Phil converted to Christ while Phil was in the Hospital in Ibaraki, 15 years ago. Bro. Kurita, now a famous Chemist. O. Dean Bixler, Jr.; D'Lila S. Bixler ("Mama Beth"); Phil & Junko Hishinuma; Babbara[sic] Bixler; O. D. Bixler, Sr. ("dadda"); John Dean Bixler" A group photograph of the Bixler family, two generations of American missionaries from Churches of Christ to Japan, at a wedding in Japan. Pictured from left to right: Rumiko Obata; Akikazu Obata; O. Dean Bixler, Jr.; D'Lila S. Bixler; Phil Hishinuma; Junko Hishinuma; Barbara Bixler; John Dean Bixler; O. Dean Bixler, Sr.

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Jimmie Lovell Papers, Center for Restoration Studies, Milliken Special Collections, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas.

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