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Spring 1979


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ACU-MUSIC-0031B A Cappella Rehearsal - Spring 1979 (Boyd) S81 REHEARSAL STARTS ~ 41:45 From Samuel Britten, II Bass: One afternoon I lugged my open-reel tape deck into Burford Recital Hall, set it up and let it record the rehearsal -- including the noises and chatting. This was in Spring 1979 sometime after our Lectureship Concert, probably in preparation for the Summer Tour. Songs rehearsed: Majestic Sweetness Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go My Soul I Lifted Like Dew From Heaven Sent to Us Come All Ye Faithful People Changing Sorrow into Joy Recorded and digitized by Samuel L. Britten from his 7" 7 1/2 ips reels.

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