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His Life Was A Song - Leonard Burford ABILENE CHRISTIAN COLLEGE, ABILENE, TEXAS., Winner of the AFB--GREGORY PECK AWARD (First Prize) For the Half Hour Radio Documentary "HIS LIFE WAS A SONG" Written and Directed by Norman Jefferson In the Third National University Radio and Television Contest in Work for the Blind "This program is a documentary account of the inspiring life of the late Dr. Leonard Burford, university teacher, musician, humanitarian, person. The program has much human warmth, reveals a very devout happy Christian attitude. It has brought together interesting material from many sources, spoken by many people. It proves that a blind man can be a very important social force in the place where he works, in his city, his state, his country. It shows how Dr. Burford insisted things could be done and then did them. 'Nothing less than the best' was his slogan. Many of the blind man's own songs were used as musical bridges. The program shows sincerity, fine technical know-how, and a warm understanding of what must have been a greatly beloved blind man. This love is so obvious in this program that it has something a little special. The American Foundation for the Blind is grateful to Abilene Christian College for making this useful tool available for national distribution." --The American Foundation for the Blind This citation was read in public at the annual A.F.B. Awards Luncheon at the Americana Hotel, New York City. March 13, 1964

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