Tapestry: Journal of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging in Education

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This article delves into the complexities of organizational change, emphasizing the critical roles of power and love in facilitating successful transitions. It distinguishes between the generative and degenerative effects of power and love within organizational contexts and underscores the importance of balancing these elements to foster collaboration, innovation, and sustainable change. Furthermore, the principles of systems thinking are highlighted, advocating for a holistic approach to understanding and analyzing organizational systems. The interconnectedness of system components and the necessity of feedback loops for informed decision-making and strategic planning are examined. Additionally, the article discusses the detrimental impact of overconfidence bias on decision-making processes, delineating various sub-biases and their implications for leadership effectiveness. Strategies for mitigating overconfidence bias through reflective practices and feedback mechanisms are proposed, emphasizing the importance of integrating these strategies within a systems thinking framework to enhance decision-making efficacy and organizational performance.