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Dr. Charles Siburt

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Dr. Fredrick Aquino


This doctor of ministry thesis presents the results of a project to promote the development of an incarnational ministry at the Webb Chapel Church of Christ. This intervention employed a team of Webb Chapel opinion leaders representative of various subgroups of the congregation. In the fall of 2008, this group met for eight sessions to discuss the self-emptying practices of Jesus and the need for his followers to emulate those self-emptying practices in their individual lives. Through interaction in the eight sessions, the group developed a model by which self-emptying practices could be implemented at Webb Chapel. Evaluation of the project illuminated the following principles: (1) Jesus revealed the supreme example of self-emptying when he took on humanity and became flesh for a time. (2) Jesus chose to empty himself of the desires that drive man to be independent from God. (3) Self-emptying is something that the disciples of Jesus can do and are called to do as well. (4) Self-emptying places God at the center of one’s heart.

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