Campus Location

Abilene Campus (Residential)

Date of Award

Fall 12-2018

Document Type




Degree Name

Master of Arts

Committee Chair or Primary Advisor

Lauren Lemley

Second Committee Member or Secondary Advisor

Joe Cardot

Third Committee Member or Committee Reader

Monty Lynn, Lynnette Sharp Penya


Missions, especially short-term trips, are becoming more and more controversial. As short-term missionaries interact in the field, they take pictures depicting the poverty, lack of resources, and overall sense of destitution around them. These photos have helped generate income, as many Christians who see the photos as part of updates on mission work they supported come to see themselves in a position of “savior” because they have resources to give to “those in need.” Evangelism is a critical component of Christianity; however, how people evangelize and how they communicate about that evangelism is equally critical. By analyzing both the church and corporate missions reporting of Experience Life Church, Noonday, and Sseko through their use of logos, ethos, pathos, ethical storytelling, and pity appeals, this thesis addresses the questions: how do churches use mediated platforms to persuade by promoting sustainable missions, and how do ethical businesses use their platforms to persuade by promoting sustainable missions?



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