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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Social Work

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Master of Science

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Assistant Professor Kyeonghee Jang, PhD, MSW

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Assistant Professor Stephanie Hamm, PhD, MSW


Economic self-sufficiency of refugees is critical for refugees but also for the host country, given the potentially negative economic impact of refugees not attaining self-sufficiency. This study examined the predicting factors of economic self-sufficiency in a sample of 108 Congolese refugees who have lived in Abilene, Texas for over a year. This research used a quantitative method for data collection. A multiple logistic regression analysis showed that education (whether outside or inside the U.S.) and ESL attendance were the main predictors of economic self-sufficiency among the sample. This study suggests that the resettlement agencies should develop a mechanism to encourage refugees (especially the young ones) to go to school or continue their education. The results also suggest a need to develop a more effective way of implementing ESL programs for refugees who have an imminent need to work. Given the limitations of this study, the conclusion of this study should be treated with caution and verified by further studies.

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