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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Spring 4-2016


Social Work

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Master of Science

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Kyeonghee Jang

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Alan Lipps

Third Committee Member or Committee Reader

Stephen Baldridge


Alcohol use is a prevalent concern on college campuses. There are a number of factors that may place students at a high risk for developing alcohol dependency. Similarly, protective factors have been identified as a means to keep drinking levels in the low-risk range. In a sample of 581 students from Abilene Christian University, researchers sought to better understand the association between depression, spirituality, religiosity, and alcohol use in college students at a faith based university. Results indicated that students who were most at risk for high levels of drinking were those who identified as the male gender, those who lived on campus, and those who were involved in a social club on campus. Additionally, results indicated that spirituality serves as a moderator between the depression and alcohol use. Meaning, when spirituality is minimal, then the effect that depression has on drinking is also minimal. However, when spirituality levels are high, then depression has a larger effect on drinking patterns. These results indicated that drinking in college students is a valid concern and that mental health and spirituality may affect students’ drinking patterns. Knowing this association, it is important that college campuses utilize both alcohol use prevention planning as well as intervention programs.

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