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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Spring 5-2016

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Social Work

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Master of Science

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Dr. Thomas L. Winter, PhD

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Dr. Wayne Paris, PhD

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Dr. Stephen Baldridge, PhD


The medically indigent adult population continues to struggle with the effects of not having insurance coverage, despite the efforts of the Affordable Care Act to provide more affordable healthcare coverage to the population. Based on the United States Census Bureau’s reported population in 2015, an estimated 45 million Americans are without insurance. This study aims to identify and explore the impacts of the biopsychosocial factors of resilience that enable the population to face adversity, stress, and manage distress in the face of trauma (Masten, Best, & Garmezy, 1990; Rutter, 2006; Zimmerman, 2015). Four hypotheses follow a review of literature and predict findings of data obtained from 26 participants in a purposive and quantitative study design comprised of surveys and questionnaires. Findings suggest that there is a statistically significant difference in resilience based on the employment level of a medically indigent person (p = .013). There does not appear to be any statistical difference in resilience based on receiving services from a social services representative, time without insurance, or strength of the support system (p = n.s.). However, there were tendencies that may be important to note when working with this population regarding the impact of time without insurance on resilience and the size of the support system.

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