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Dallas Campus (Online)

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Educational Leadership

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Doctor of Education

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Brian Cole

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Colleen Ramos

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Jenifer Williams



In this qualitative case study, the researcher determined how student cultural differences influenced Western Coastal University (WCU, pseudonym) faculty pedagogies within their courses. Additionally, the researcher clarified how WCU faculty described their understanding and awareness of culturally diverse teaching strategies. Further investigation also uncovered what successes and challenges professors faced when implementing culturally diverse strategies in the classroom and what differences they discovered in their teaching and student learning as a result. The researcher used in-depth interviews, artifact documents such as the WCU’s Diversity Rationale Statement and Strategic Plan, and course survey data. Three overarching themes emerged from the data collection, revealing a lack of a unified vision and approach to diversity education within their department at WCU, the challenges the faculty experienced such as the implementation of culturally diverse strategies, and the faculty’s recognition of the need for culturally diverse teaching strategies. Exploring the data in a real-life environment while identifying complexities of real-life situations has the potential to help WCU and the wider community of interest by bridging the cultural gap between faculty and students, resulting in an enhanced organizational culture that will better serve the increasingly diverse student body.

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