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Doctor of Education

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Linda Wilson-Jones

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Simone Elias

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C. Dean Campbell


The recruitment and retention of faculty of color is a critical issue within higher education institutions, however, the research is lacking within community colleges. Community colleges enroll over half of all non-White students in higher education, more than any other type of higher education institution; however, the faculty do not reflect the student population. Faculty of color face potential suppression, omission, isolation, and lack of belonging. This study illuminated faculty of color’s experience at community colleges and the culture at community college for these faculty. In this qualitative, interpretative phenomenological study, the researcher explored the viewpoints of faculty of color regarding recruitment, retention, and academic climate at Texas community colleges, utilizing the first tenant of critical race theory, counter-storytelling, as the theoretical framework. Eight full-time faculty of color from Texas community colleges participated in this research, engaging in a semistructured interview of 18 open questions and five demographic questions. Each interview was then transcribed and coded to determine the reoccurring themes. The overall theme that was determined was a lack of intentionality, including a lack of follow-through and purposefully differentiating faculty of color for engagement, recruitment, hiring, and retention practices. Faculty of color are instead often homogenized and omitted within practices at community colleges.

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