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Theology, Ministry, Missions (GST)

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Master of Arts

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Ken Cukrowski

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Richard Wright

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Peter Rice


In this thesis, I argue in favor of the minority scholarly position that Luke 2:41–52 is literarily crafted to foreshadow the passion-resurrection. To make this case, I first address the most prominent technical issue levied against the foreshadowing reading: whether the phrase “after three days” should be read as a resurrection allusion (2:46). Through a Synoptic comparison to the Gospel of Matthew and the proposal of an under-appreciated parallel to Luke’s phrase in Acts 9:9, I demonstrate why the allusive reading suits Luke’s stylistic tendencies when evoking the resurrection symbolically. Next, I engage with the most pressing methodological issue facing the reading: the failure of previous proposals to establish a context for why the episode’s details should be read as purposefully crafted elements of foreshadowing. To remedy this shortcoming, I make a case for five literary features in 2:41–52 which suggest a foreshadowing function, including, most crucially, the Lukan motif of Mary “storing up” matters in her heart (2:51; cf. 2:19; Gen 37:11). By analyzing this motif’s inter- and intratextual performance, I argue that Mary’s “storing up” action functions as a signal to readers of foreshadowing elements in the text—elements which the reader must store up until their full significance comes to light. Finally, I appraise the likelihood that four representative details in 2:41–52 could serve as intratextual resonances of the passion-resurrection and suggest the significance of my reading for future literary studies of Luke-Acts.

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