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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Theology, Ministry, Missions (GST)

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Master of Arts

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Mark Hamilton

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Mindi Thompson

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Paul Roggendorff


The thesis demonstrates that Ezek 40–48 functions as a unified narrative of restoration and that it is profitable to understand its fantastic realism and postcolonial rhetoric as early precursors to the modern magical realism genre. The tools of narrative criticism are utilized to exegete the literary features of Ezek 40–48 and uncover its poetic elements and rhetorical thrust. After this analysis, Ezek 40–48 is viewed as a precursor to modern magical realist texts in a comparative study with Gabriel García Márquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude and Salman Rushdie’s novel Midnight’s Children, paying special attention to the thematic emphases on how truth is created through power, history is depicted as a downward spiral, and security is achieved through detailed realism.

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