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Spring 5-2017

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Master of Science

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Richard Beck

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John Casada

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Scott Perkins


This study examined the connections between religious problem-solving strategies and experiences of control, specifically an internal and external locus of control, God locus of control, and the illusion of control. In addition, it explored how these connections relate to psychological well-being. Undergraduates enrolled in psychology courses were recruited to participate in this study. They completed five scales and a computerized task. These scales consist of the Religious Problem-Solving Scale, the Locus of Control Scale, the Multidimensional Locus of Control Scale-God Control Revision (God control subscale), the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depressed Mood Scale, and the Self-Rating Anxiety Scale. The computerized task will be a light bulb illumination task. While there were no significant results found in regards to the illusion of control, the religious measures of God control and religious problem-solving were shown to be consistent with previous findings. This can prove beneficial to clinicians working with religious clients.

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