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Abilene Campus (Residential)

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Spring 4-2017


Social Work

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Master of Science

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Alan Lipps

Second Committee Member or Secondary Advisor

Stephen Baldridge

Third Committee Member or Committee Reader

Barbara Robertson


When children are in CPS care, there is a strong desire to ensure that their cases are executed so the children end up in safe, permanent environments as quickly as possible. To facilitate this goal, there is a partnership between CPS and an organization called CASA, which provides advocacy and support to ensure that the children have their rights represented in court proceedings. To help achieve this goal, Montgomery County has implemented the Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE) model. This model seeks to obtain better outcomes for children by engaging with the child’s family and the community around them. This study is designed to assess the usefulness of the CFE model in Montgomery County. It seeks to identify places where the model could be improved and where it is failing.

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