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DNP Project



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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Dr. Linda Gibson

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Dr. Molly Kuhle


The literature review found suspension of disbelief (SOD) in clinical simulation heavily weighted on educators alone within high-fidelity environments. The project examined a co-created narrative background story applied to a simulated patient’s clinical profile to determine achieving an improved connectedness toward the simulated patient leading to enhanced SOD and enhanced levels of learning and reaction. The studied population was third-semester associate degree nursing students over 18 years of age with prior clinical simulation experience who were not repeating the semester. The research methodology used a quantitative experimental design with cluster sampling, randomization, and post-Likert-scored questionnaires. The intervention group co-created personalized storytelling narratives for the simulated patient’s clinical profile. After the clinical simulation activity, both intervention and control groups completed questionnaires examining their ability to achieve SOD during the activity and their levels and reaction and learning. Results using two-tailed t tests indicated the intervention revealed an enhanced level of presence during the participation. The improved presence revealed a positive, engaging experience applicable to future nursing roles and enhanced knowledge, skills, and confidence. Conclusions were drawn that applying co-created storytelling to a simulated patient’s clinical profile improves presence, suggesting an enhanced ability to achieve SOD during the activity. Recommendations for future research projects include studying storytelling in clinical simulation with a larger sample size and having participants create an entire clinical profile, analyzing the influence of emotional position toward simulation on SOD, and maintaining usage of intervention once learned.

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