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Fall 12-2015

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Master of Arts

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Doug Foster

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Jeff Childers

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Frederick Aquino


From the beginning of the Pentecostal Movement in 1906, Pentecostal meetings were plagued by what they labeled “counterfeit manifestations.” These manifestations were creating negative consequences for the movement and Pentecostals needed a strategy that would identify and eradicate them from their meetings. Because Pentecostalism was in its infancy, it did not have a clear procedure to assist in identifying counterfeit manifestations, to determine how they operated, and/or who or what produced them. Over time they began to form assumptions regarding the operation of counterfeit manifestations and developed several strategies that they hoped would counteract their presence in meetings, one of which was the employment of the gift of discernment. This study identifies the negative consequences counterfeit manifestations brought to the Pentecostal Movement from 1906 to 1941, the strategies Pentecostals employed in conjunction with the gift of discernment in order to counteract the negative effects caused by counterfeit manifestations, and their attempts to articulate a theological understanding of the gift of discernment for early Pentecostalism.

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