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Left to right: Dionysus Sarcophagus. Car on which D is on + Ariadne recline. Drawn by 2 centaurs playing lyre pip. Cupid on back of centaurs. Female figures [?] hidden carries on head basket of fruit often shown in scenes of rustic sacrifice. [?] leaked pan holds [?] British Museum. B.M. sculp 2298. over. VI.17.21 [Reverse] Serpent from [?] at his feet. young satyr. maenad. satyr. maenad with thursils. Silenus riding on ass + supported by satyr. Satyr walks at head of ass. Maenad playing tympanum [?] legged Pan [?] [?] young satyr holds grape. 2 children Old satyr plays pipes. young satyr on ends. [?] [?] [?] [?]

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