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Don H. Morris

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SIDE 1. 7" reel, 3 1/2 ips

SPEECHES FOR THE LIBRARY by President Don H. Morris

HIST-0014 William M. "Bill" Edwards Tribute by Don H Morris -- on Parents Day, aka "Edwards Day." This was after Moody Coliseum was Built. (29:39)

[Starting at 29:40]

HIST-0015 B Sherrod Tribute by Don H Morris and presentation of plaque for his 34 years on Board of Directors. (25:35)

[SIDE 2. 7" reel, 3 1/2 ips]

HIST-0016 Paul C Witt Tribute by Don H Morris February 23, 1971. (85:55)

Dr. Paul C. Witt, retiring general science and chemistry professor.

Gives tribute to three emeriti:

- Miss. Lillian Arledge (class of 1921) teacher from 1921-1969

- W. Earl Brown, teacher 1922-1970

- Dr. Paul C. Witt, class of 1922, chemistry teacher 1922-1971

Additional tributes to Paul C. Witt by others, including:

* Dr. Roy Willingham

* Dr. Addison Lee

* Jesse Maxwell

* Mrs. Rita Stocking

* Dr. John C. Gibson

* Dean Walter H. Adams

* Dr. W.M. Longnecker of Dallas

* Leroy Brownlow

* Dr. David Vanderpool of Dallas

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