Alumni Memorial Service for Leonard Burford Part 2

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This was at Homecoming.

This file contains only Part 2, the secular portion of the service.

The file name for Part 1 is: Alumni Memorial Service for Leonard Burford. Also saved as: Homecoming Concert 1961

Label on tape says:

Glee Club Directed by

Harry Fierbaugh

2 Numbers by Choralaires

Men's Glee Club

Stout-hearted Men start at 11:34

"... welcome the Homecoming Crowd... and introduce the Men's Glee Club of 1961. We're back on campus after two year's absence." starts at 13:50

- "Almighty God of Our Father"

- Welsh Corale, "Let All Things That Are Living" starts at 18:13

Mixed Choir (Choralaires?) starts at 20:20

No title given

Accompanist.: Elaine Fleet - Gilmer, TX

Soloist: Frank Herron - Abilene, Senior


Men's Glee Club starts at 26:22

"For the second part of the program, the Men's Glee Club would like to present to you this evening, 'The Testament of Freedom.'"

Music is by Randall Thompson.

Accompanist - Elaine Fleet (Gilmer, TX)

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