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The Christian church has been influenced by the institution of preaching since its inception in the first century. Preaching has developed over time into the practice encountered most often today: sermons addressed and preached to congregations of Christians of all different denominations and geographical locations. Contemporary preaching has the power to shape the church in the emerging postmodern era. As someone studying to become a pastor who preaches to a church, I realize the importance as well as the significance of the task I have chosen to undertake. I use this space to enter into the practice of sermon preparation and writing. I undertake a brief history of preaching, common methodologies of preaching, my own methodology of preaching, and a brief background to the text of the Letter to the Philippians. Philippians is written to a group of suffering Christians, which contains much in the way of application in today’s world. Then, based on my introduction and analysis of the text, I write three sermons based on the text of Philippians, utilizing exegesis and narrative preaching. The intention of the paper is to engage the tradition and practice of preaching and prepare me for a long career of sermon writing and preaching.

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