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Kenneth Pybus

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Nathan Gibbs


With the current issues revolving around the Latino community including the lack of Latino inclusivity within the media and the absence of Hispanic heritage nuances within second- and third-generation Latinos, this study looks into the reasoning behind Latinos’ preferred Spanish media network. By combining qualitative and quantitative reasoning, this mixed-methodology breaks down the issues revolving around Spanish speaking households and what factors cause them to choose Univision or Telemundo. In connection to my previous McNair research, this thesis will use previous Hispanic television research, the survey results from a ten-question survey to individual Latinos and a series of interviews with Latin men and women asking them questions about which Spanish-based network they prefer. By using these selected methods, the research will show a direct miscorrelation (and perhaps misunderstanding) on the reason Latinos pick their preferred Spanish media network. Our findings showed that many factors are taken into account when deciding which network they prefer, including what their parents prefer and whether they are a second or third-generation American Latino. The results also showed many American Latinos between the ages of 18-34 only watch Spanish-based television because their parents watch it, without thinking about how the network caters to their dialectal needs.

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