Eastin Kandt

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Dorothy Andreas

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Lynette Sharp Penya

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Lauren Lemley


Story has a strong power to influence, and in America’s current polarized climate, it is important to understand how it can influence politics. In Arrow S5E13, there are characters representing every side of the gun control debate in the wake of a mass shooting at city hall. This study uses interpretive communities theory to analyze two focus groups’ responses to this episode. The focus groups were composed solely of nine college students, six female and three male in total. The results determine that (1) political moderates appreciate the fair fictional representation of multiple political perspectives in fiction, (2) members of this interpretive community use humor to lessen tension and make points succinctly, (3) the feminist members of this interpretive community want a diversity of female perspectives in fiction, (4) this community pays close attention to the political arguments that narratives make, and (5) this generation has been desensitized to violence.

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