The SITC is the focal point at ACU for education and career preparation in the fields of computer science, digital entertainment, information systems and information technology. Computer-related fields claim some of the highest projected job growth in the United States, with software engineers and developers, database and network administrators, game designers, and systems analysts among the top-rated careers. We provide students with a high-quality undergraduate education while encouraging them to live out their faith in the high tech arena.

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Submissions from 2018


302 - The VR Lab at ACU, Richard Tanner

Submissions from 2017


Do Enhanced Compiler Error Messages Help Students? Results Inconclusive., Raymond Pettit, John Homer, and Roger Gee


On Novices' Interaction with Compiler Error Messages: A Human Factors Approach, James R. Prather, Raymond Pettit, Kayla Holcomb McMurry, Alani Peters, John Homer, Nevan Simone, and Maxine Cohen

Submissions from 2015


An Empirical Study of Iterative Improvement in Programming Assignments, Raymond Pettit, John Homer, Roger Gee, Adam Starbuck, and Susan Mengel

Submissions from 2014


Going Green in University Computer Labs, Patrick Luberus and Alfandika Nyandoro

Submissions from 2013


Aggregating Vulnerability Metrics in Enterprise Networks Using Attack Graphs, John Homer, Su Zhang, Xinming Ou, David Schmidt, Yanhui Du, Raj Rajagopalan, and Anoop Signal

Submissions from 2010


From Walls to Steps: Using online automatic homework checking tools to improve learning in introductory programming courses, Dwayne Towell and Brent Reeves