The ACU Library is at the heart of faculty and student life at ACU, hosting the ACU community, and connecting it to the positive change that we want to see throughout the world.

The library is the university’s hub for scholarly Christian communication, innovative technology, and interdisciplinary creativity.

The ACU Library is composed of five areas:

Information Services advances the collection and interpretation of scholarly and professional information resources for reading, research, and writing. We support faculty, staff, students, and alumni through provision of information resources and instructional services that provide opportunities for comprehensive learning to strengthen critical thinking and information retrieval skills, building a foundation for self-directed and lifelong learning.

Special Collections and Archives acquires and promotes historical materials so that it is the repository of first choice for researchers seeking resources related to the Stone-Campbell Movement and Churches of Christ. We support faculty, staff, students, and alumni through encounter with their Christian heritage.

The Adams Center for Teaching and Learning promotes a life-long learning culture among faculty at ACU where teaching is highly valued. It focuses on all teaching environments, both face-to-face and online. We support faculty and students through enriching events and expert guidance about the theory and practice of teaching and learning.

The Learning Studio helps students and faculty to develop skills of digital creativity, media fluency, and collaborative problem solving that are essential to careers in the 21st century. We support faculty, staff, and students through collaborative spaces and creation of digital images and video.

Educational Technology and the Innovation Foundry supports the design and development of academic spaces, digital tools, and online platforms for research and scholarship at ACU.

Through the ACU Maker Lab and other innovative initiatives, we help faculty, staff, and students to design and make tangible products for learning and service in the world.

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Submissions from 2017


A Descriptive Guide to Missions-Related Archival Collections in the Center for Restoration Studies, Brady Kal Cox and McGarvey Ice

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Submissions from 2012


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Submissions from 2009


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