You're Not Supposed to Get Old Until You're Wise. (《你该懂些世故再老呀》

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This is a living proposal for the "sandwich" generation written by the American Writer Nanqiao to the post-70s and the 80s. The title comes from Shakespeare's "King Lear" where Jecchen said a word to King Lear. The world here is not tactful or slick, but it is to understand the affair in various relationships under different scenarios. Reading is not to decorate the façade, but our thinking must be different. We must be able to "understand" and get out of the dilemma of thinking. When you were young, you were nervous, scared, and shy, because everyone thought he was living under the watchful eye. In fact, everyone is in a hurry and carries the question of their own lives. Who will stop and make fun of a certain young man? The fear of being wrong makes one who can become a pillar and finally becomes a perfect toothpick.


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