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Abilene Campus

Date of Award

Spring 5-12-2018

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Teacher Education

Degree Name

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Sam Stewart

Second Advisor

Andrew Huddleston


The purpose of this study was to examine the perceptions of seventh-grade students and their teacher regarding the completion of daily history entries (a journaling activity) academically, developmentally, and relationally through data collection methods including observations, surveys, interviews, and student samples. To analyze these findings, level 1 and 2 codes were utilized. Additionally, descriptive statistics were utilized to quantitatively understand the implications of average student perceptions. From the data, three major themes were uncovered regarding students’ and their teacher’s perceptions of daily history which include a range of responses, perceptions of writing, and the importance of student teacher relationship. First, students held various opinions of daily history, indicating the need for teachers to differentiate activities to meet diverse student needs. Second, students’ perceptions of writing indicated they wanted to improve, but often expressed a dislike of writing. Last, the student teacher relationship was important for both students and the teacher.

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