Campus Location

Abilene Campus

Date of Award

Spring 5-9-2020

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Teacher Education

Degree Name

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Sam Stewart

Second Advisor

Andrew Huddleston


With increased interest in Social-Emotional Learning (SEL), teachers have worked to find ways in which SEL can be brought into the school and classroom community. For this study, the researcher wanted to bring SEL into the classroom and understand how the students perceived it. The study was conducted in an on-level senior Economics classroom where SEL had not previously been introduced into the classroom culture. Data was gathered through a student survey, individual student interviews, and a focus group interview. To analyze the data, the researcher used a constant comparative method of coding to identify the data thematically. From the data analysis, three major themes emerged: the importance of class climate, the powerfulness of student self-refection, and the importance of compassion and community to learners.

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