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Abilene Campus

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Spring 5-8-2020

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Teacher Education

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Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

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Sam Stewart

Second Advisor

Andrew Huddleston


The purpose of this study was to determine high school learners’ perceptions of what makes an exceptional mathematics teacher. The author was a pre-service teacher serving her clinical teaching internship in a high school mathematics classroom in which Precalculus, Pre-AP Precalculus, and AP Calculus were taught. For this study, data was collected through a student survey, one-on-one interviews, and focus group interviews with students. The data was analyzed using the constant comparative method. Four major themes emerged from the data, including the significance of a teacher’s attitude, the importance of a teacher’s desire to help and teach learners, whether or not a teacher teaches well, and how well teachers know their learners and have relationships with them.

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