Campus Location

Abilene Campus

Date of Award

Spring 5-7-2021

Document Type



Teacher Education

Degree Name

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Dana Mayhall

Second Advisor

Andrew Huddleston


This study examined how second-grade students in a GT-clustered classroom perceived making mistakes. The researcher implemented literature discussion circles focused on growth mindset and making mistakes as an intervention to improve student perceptions. She collected data through surveys, field notes, and student focus group interviews. Data were analyzed using the constant comparative method to look for recurring themes as well as descriptive statistics in the case of numerical data. Three major themes emerged including struggles with mistakes, internal processes, and benefits of mistakes. Statistics confirmed that the intervention effectively improved the perceptions of almost every student and that GT students generally had higher perceptions of making mistakes than non-GT students. The researcher displayed the findings through poetic transcriptions and double bar graphs.

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Creative Commons License
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