Campus Location

Abilene Campus

Date of Award

Spring 5-6-2022

Document Type



Teacher Education

Degree Name

Master of Education in Teaching and Learning

First Advisor

Stephanie Talley

Second Advisor

Andrew Huddleston


This study examined how senior English students in an academic classroom perceived a social emotional learning curriculum called CharacterStrong. The researcher taught weekly CharacterStrong social emotional lessons focused on community building and interpersonal relationships between educators and students and among peers. She collected data through surveys, headnotes, and individual student interviews. Data were analyzed using the constant comparative method to look for recurring themes. The researcher found the participants felt that the sharing prompted by CharacterStrong intervention resulted in higher engagement and a more cohesive classroom community. Even so, the researcher found that students had identified a lack of depth in CharacterStrong units that prevented them from having all social and emotional needs met.

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