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Mission: Vol. 1, No. 10



Mission: Vol. 1, No. 10. This issue includes the following articles: "God's Grace to Israel" by Paul L. Watson, "Alexander Campbell on Grace" by T. Furman Cauthen, "God's Grace---Man's Peace" by Don Shackelford, "'True Grace Came Through Jesus Christ'" by Fausto Salvoni, "A Fiction is Shattered" by A. Wayne Harris, "Meditations on the Lord's Supper V" by Elton D. Higgs, "By Grace Through Faith" by J. Paul DuBois, "God's Great Gift" by Sue Chalk, "Interview with Glenn L. Archer" by Thomas A. Langford, "Salvation Is By Grace. Why?" by K. C. Moser, "Grace" by Stephen D. Eckstein, Jr., "A New Testament Word Study (Grace)" by J. W. Roberts, "Grace Through Communication (Book Review)" by John M. Barton, and "Mission Forum."



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