War and Peace

No more urgent problem confronts our country and the world today than the problem of war and peace---our theme in this issue of MISSION. The Vietnam conflict has raised this age old issue for the youth of our land and caused us all to turn anew to the Bible and the experiences of the past for guidance.

The articles by Allen C. Isbell and James D. Bales on the two major opposing positions on the "war question" lay the foundations for our thinking. Jack Scott helps us to see how this problem was handled in the Restoration Movement when the great internal conflict of civil war tore our country apart and brother fought brother in battle.

Howard Norton has provided a view of the Vietnam War through the eyes of a country officially friendly to the United States but also noted for its independence in international affairs. Jerry Hudson was asked to give his personal viewpoint on the Vietnam War adding an individual touch amid the more objective articles. Leon Tester has given a brief compend of positions held by religious groups concerning the conscientious objector.

It is hoped that this issue will provoke discussion, study, and an honest reexamination of our varying positions in a spirit of Christian love.