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Mission: Vol. 10, No. 12



Mission: Vol. 10, No. 12. The articles in this issue include: "'Save Our Savior': A Protest of Protests" by Gene Shelburne, "From the Back Pew: No Christians in New Jersey" by David Wimbish, "Movies" by Allan McNiol, "Bus Evangelism: After Two Years" by Eddie Hendrix, "Books" by Bobbie Lee Holley, "The Darkness Veiled" a poem by Stanley K. McDaniel, "'Is it Lawful to Heal on the Sabbath'?" by Stanley K. McDaniel, "The Baptism: A Meditation" by Jim O'Connor, "The Church and Social Change in Ecuador" by Joseph B. Casagrande, "Looking Out," "Index to Volume 10," "Cross Currents," and "Forum."



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