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Mission: Vol. 11, No. 4



Mission: Vol. 11, No. 4. The articles in this issue include: "When God is not There, and is Silent" by Lanny Hunter, "Confrontation" a prayer by Stephanie Jaye Evans, "Books: Restoration Theology: A Catholic Alternative" by Herbert A. Marlowe, Jr., "The Onlookers" by Jim Reynolds, "Does Amos Condemn Instrumental Music?" by C. Keith Sigler, "Meditation on the Lord's Supper" by Elton G. Higgs, "Of Arks and Floods and Drifting Continents" by Michael Kemp, "From the Back Pew: You Must be Out of Your Gourd, Jonah" by David Wimbish, "Churches and the Copyright Law" by Edward G. Holley, "Forum," "Looking Out," and "Cross Currents."



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