Mission: Vol. 13, Nos. 2 and 3. The articles in these issues include: "Renewal Groups: Do They Work?" by Carl and Connie Lloyd, "A-musing: Sundry Times, Divers Manners" by G. James Robinson, "Wanted: Convertible Preachers" by Ralph Johnson, "My God, Your God, and Whatever Happened to Ours?" by Richard Hughes, "Bankrupt" a poem by Elton D. Higgs, "The Word and the World: An Optimistic View" by Bob Burgess, "Partisan Religion and Pulpit Preachers" by Buff Scott, Jr., "Moving On: Neglected Aspects of the Restoration" by J. Robert Ross, "Forum," "The Well-Kept Woman (Anonymous)," "New Wine and the Organizational Skin" by Michael Hall, and "Cross Currents."



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