Article Title

Mission: Vol. 13, No. 5



Mission: Vol. 13, No. 5. The articles in this issue include: "Justice in a World Already Judged" by John McCook, "Hope and History: Life Between the Ages" by J. Robert Ross, "'Strategic Misrepresentation' vs. Business Integrity" by Ben B. Boothe, "A-Musing--Life After Death. (Blah.)" by G. James Robinson, "A Teacher, A Student, A Struggle for Faith" by Jennings Davis, Jr. and Shauna Whitworth, "The 'Ruling Eldership'" by Roger F. Anderson, "A Lamp Under a Bushel" by Dale W. Simpson, "Books," "Forum," "Black and White Churches: Keys to Reconciliation" by Paul Phillips, and "Cross Currents."



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