Article Title

Mission: Vol. 17, No. 1



Mission: Vol. 17, No. 1. The articles in this issue include: "'Read from the King James or the American Standard'" by Jack P. Lewis, "The Worst Thing You Can Imagine" by Bill Love, "Membership: Meaning? Who Decides?" by Donald J. Wooters, "Latter Day Thoughts of a Dying Straddler" by Tadd Fisher, "Home on the Range and Other Myths" by Bert Mercer, "Reaching Out" by Ann Leatherwood, "Ruffled Feathers" by Jim Hahn, "Congregational Integrity" by Russel N. Squire, BOOKS: "Building a Religious Library: Third in a Series: Basic Resources for New Testament Study" by Alan J. McNicol, "Benefactor: Epigraphic Study of a Graeco-Roman and New Testament Semantic Field (Frederick W. Danker)" reviewed by Charles Talbert, and "Forum."



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