Article Title

Mission: Vol. 17, No. 10



Mission: Vol. 17, No. 10. The articles in this issue include: "Ideas to Live By" from the Editor, "Remarks to a Graduating Class" by Richard J. Richardson, "A Faith to Live By" by J. P. Sanders, "Grace and Forgiveness--Too Good to be True?" by Roy Willbern, "In Between" by William T. Stewart, "Living in Faith" by Robert M. Randolph, "The Power of the Personal" by Bobbie Lee Holley, "Hearing, Heeding, Reading, Speaking: Listening for the Voice of God" by Bruce L. Edwards, "The Rise and Fall of Marriage" by Harold Straughn, "Being Single" by Tony Ash, and "Monism, Belief, and Scientific Explanation" by Norman Hughes.



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