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Mission: Vol. 18, No. 3



Mission: Vol. 18, No. 3. The articles in this issue include: "Creators" from the Editor, FICTION: "The Thread of Red" by Gary Snavely, "Ollie" by Bo Whitaker, ARTICLE: "Fantasy" by John Alexander, A HARVEST OF POETRY: "Spirit" by David Henderson, "Names of God" by Bill Jenkins, "Quiet Time" by Sally Fraser, "Viejo" by Bobbie Lee Holley, "Cross-maker" by David Henderson, "Mars Hill" by Bonnie Bowman Thurston, "Patmos" by Latayne C. Scott, "Gentle God, Giver of Grace" by Jeanne French, "The Word" by Bill Jenkins, "Revealed Mystery" by George Ewing, "A Preacher's Poem" by John D. Madison, "Witness of Love" by David Henderson, DRAMA: "Where Are You Bound" by William T. Stewart, BOOKS: "Letters to Barbara (Glenn Meeter)" reviewed by Holly Allen, and "Forum."



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