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Mission: Vol. 18, No. 7



Mission: Vol. 18, No. 7. The articles in this issue include: "That We All Might Be One" from the Editor, "Apostolicity and Holiness: The Basis for Christian Fellowship (Part I)" by Allan J. McNicol, "Before We Ever Saw Each Other's Faces" by S. Scott Bartchy, REFLECTIONS ON A COMMON TRADITION: "Mission's Annual Meeting and Reader's Seminar by Kathy J. Pulley and Bill Buzbee, "The European Evangelistic Society: 1984 Annual Meeting Report" by James L. Evans, "My Odyssey Through the Restoration Movement" by Howard E. Short, THE TUBINGEN Mission: "Understanding Our Mission" by Burton Thurston, "Education and Ecumenism" by Bonnie Bowman Thurston, "Doctrinal Reflections: A Theology of Salvation: The Salvation of Theology" by Lynn Mitchell, and "Identifying a Creed" by Gary D. Taliaferro.



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