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Mission: Vol. 18, No. 8



Mission: Vol. 18, No. 8. The articles in this issue include: "Christians Only" from the Editor, "The Anatomy of a Slogan" by Leroy Garrett, "'Christians Only, But Not The Only Christians'" by Bill Love, "'Christians Only'--A Cloak for Sectarianism?" by Phillip Johnson, BOOKS: Stalking the Restorable Church: "Christians Only - and the Only Christians (Thomas B. Warren)" and "I Just Want To Be a Christian (Rubel Shelly)" reviewed by Bruce L. Edwards, Jr., "Apostolicity and Holiness: The Basis for Christian Fellowship (II)" by Allan J. McNicol, "Collinsville Once Again: The Eldership and the Courts" by John H. Yoder, and "Forum."



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