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Mission: Vol. 19, No. 11



Mission: Vol. 19, No. 11. The articles in this issue include: "You Are Cordially Invited" from the Editor, "Nobody Ought to Know What Starving Is Like" by Edwin S. Gleaves, "Wisdom: The Craftsman at God's Side" by Michael V. Houston, "Who's In Charge?--The Courts Decide" by Norman Parks, A WORD FOR OUR TIME: "The Breath of Christ's Love" by Lynn E. Mitchell, Jr., "When Life Becomes Too Much To Bear" by John D. Madison, "A British Patriarch" by Thomas A. Langford, "Mission and the Church: Suffer the Little Children" by Carolyn K. Mitchell, BOOKS: "A Holy Terror: Doug Mariette's Reverend Dunn" reviewed by C. Leonard Allen, "Bruce L. Edwards Named Book Review Editor," and "Guide for Book Reviewers" by Bruce L. Edwards. "Noah's Ark--Have We Found It?" by John Baumgardner and "Conquest of Space" by Bill Jenkins.



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