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Mission: Vol. 19, No. 9



Mission: Vol. 19, No. 9. The articles in this issue include: "Glimpses of Transformation" from the Editor, "The Ethics of Church Politics" by Ron Highfield, RESPONSES TO "The Ethics of Church Politics": "Let's Make a Quantum Leap" by Paul Magee, "Can Church Politics be Ethical?" by John Mark Hicks, "A Paean to Politics?" by M. L. Pat Ball. "Bowing Down or Burning Up" by John W. Smith, "Was the Holocaust a Misdemeanor?" by A. J. Hoover, "Doctrinal Reflections: Getting in Touch with the Spirit" by Lynn E. Mitchell, Jr., A WORD FOR OUR TIME: "Between Dust and Glory" by David Sampson, "Love Leaves Them Gaping" by Dennis Crawford, "Give Us a Break" by Nancy Myers, and "Old Books Loosely Wrapped in Plastic: Campbell Papers Story" by Hiram J. Lester.



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