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Mission: Vol. 20, No. 12



Mission: Vol. 20, No. 12. The articles in this issue include: "Looking to the Past and to the Future" from the Editor, "The Ambivalence of Belief" by Robert Seymour, "Job: The Struggle of Faith" by Michael V. Houston, "God is Love" by Ken Cameron, "Restoration and the Cultural Risk" by Ron Durham, and "A Disciple Responds to the New Search for Unity" by Daniel Griggs. A WORD FOR OUR TIMES: "Relics of the Past" by Ben B. Boothe, "How Much is a Person Worth?" by John Wright, "Maturity or a New Infancy?" by David Sampson, and "Don't Count My Blessings For Me!" by David Mercer. BOOKS: Reviewed by Bruce L. Edwards, Review Editor. "Micro-Myths: Exploring the Limits of Learning with Computers (Joe Nathan)" and "Computers: Bridges to the Future" (Parker Rossman)." "Forum" and "Index."



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