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Mission: Vol. 20, No. 8



Mission: Vol. 20, No. 8. The articles in this issue include: "The Christian Alcoholic" from the Editor, "Confronting Chemical Dependency in Your Youth" by Larry Hart, "Alcoholics Anonymous: Getting Acquainted" by Patty Paludan, "A Short History of Alcoholics Anonymous" by Larry Hart, "Living With an Alcoholic: The Spouse's Perspective" a Mission Interview, "I'm a Sinner" by Gene Shelburne, "The Beatitudes: Are They For Us? (Part I)" by Bill Love, and "20th Anniversary Reflections" by Cecil May, Jr., Hope Richardson, and George P. Carillet. A WORD FOR OUR TIMES: "A Community of Memory" by Shaun Casey, "The Power of a Good Reputation" by John Smith, and "Loons and Bubblegum" by John Whitfield. "The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous," "Vignettes of Church History: Christians and the Ku Klux Klan" submitted by Don Haymes, and "Forum."



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