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Mission: Vol. 20, No. 9



Mission: Vol. 20, No. 9. The articles in this issue include: "More Chaff Than Wheat" from the Editor, "A Message to Our Readers" from the Editor, "The Road More Traveled: How the Churches of Christ Became a Denomination" by Don Haymes, "Pilgrimage of a Congregation" by R. Lanny Hunter, "Our Common Past" by Michael Weed, "The Beatitudes: Are They For Us (Part II)" by Bill Love, "Doctrinal Reflections: Getting In Touch With The Spirit" by Lynn E. Mitchell, Jr., "Church Leadership Today: Elders Who Are Servant Shepherds" by Tom Langford, "The Face of Ministry: 'Reading Religiously'--A Long and Honorable Association with Ministry" by John Bishop, and "A 20th Anniversary Reflection: Whence and Whither?" by Dudley Lynch. A WORD FOR OUR TIMES: "Tradition as Heritage and Task" by Richard John Neuhaus, "What Do You Mean When You Say Church of Christ?" by Elmer Prout, and "on Receiving Correction" by Tom Holcomb. "Vignettes of Church History: Church History by the Cube" by Albert Outler, and "Forum."



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