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Mission: Vol. 21, No. 1



Mission: Vol. 21, No. 1. The articles in this issue include: "A Family Affair" from the Editor, "Issues of Power and a Theology of the Family (Part I)" by S. Scott Bartchy, and "Missions, the Atonement, and the Salvation of Mankind" by Edward Fudge. A WORD FOR OUR TIMES: "Morality in the Public Arena: Is it so Difficult?" by Edward G. Holley, "Worship Styles" by Randy hall, and "Curiosity" by John Smith. BOOKS: A HARVEST OF BOOKS; FOR FALL READING: "The Quest for Faith: Reason and Mystery As Pointers To God (C. Stephen Evans)" reviewed by Leonard Allen, "Preaching: The Art of Connecting God and People (F. Dean Lueking)" reviewed by David A. Ladd, "The Man In the Leather Hat and Other Stories (Paul B. Long)" reviewed by Elizabeth L. Plummer, "A Commentary on Isaiah (Homer Hailey)" reviewed by Bruce Edwards, "The Hebrew Bible and its Modern Interpreters (Douglas A. Knight and Gene M. Tucker, Eds.)" reviewed by Phillip McMillion, "The Apostolic Church (Everett F. Harrison)" reviewed by Donald J. Plummer, "Endangered Heritage: An Examination of Church of Christ Doctrine (Walt Yancey)" reviewed by Ben B. Boothe, and "Living in Two Worlds (Mike Cope)" reviewed by John M. Schrade. "The One Name" by William T. Stewart, "Forum," and "Shall Mission's Ministry Continue?" by Robert M. Randolph.



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